Since 1996, Vema Sera delivers services by combining the experience and knowledge built-up over the years in this sector with the experience of the prominent firms of the world in the greenhouse cultivation sector. The greenhouses and the environment therein are of paramount importance in order to offer the qualities sought by the conscious consumers both in the world and in our country from the yields cultivated in the greenhouses.

The weather-heat-light-humidity balance required by the plants can only be achieved through acclimatization control and modern greenhouses fitted with state-of-the-art technology. Vema Sera is at your disposal with all its teams and equipment in order to offer you modern greenhouse projects featuring high technology build on turnkey basis.

In addition to the turnkey greenhouse construction activities, Vema Sera also engages with soilless tomato production. We support production and exportation by cultivating truss tomatoes through soilless culture technique on an indoor space of 9 ha in total, comprising of 4 ha Glass, 5 ha plastic greenhouse.

We are growing hormone-free, healthy, high quality products at fully automated greenhouses with geothermal heating, equipped with high technology hardware, based on Globalgap and Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and we offer 3000 tons of truss tomatoes to both domestic and foreign markets on annual basis.